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Join Me For The 5-Day Challenge And Learn How To Grow In A Way That’s Aligned With Your Purpose And The Impact You Want To Make

Gain the UNFAIR ADvantage on the competition with the 

Leads & Sales Challenge, Marketing, Sales, Advertising & Funnels Intensive.


The LIVE Challenge Starts At 7:00 PM ET On April 24TH.

As Seen In:

During The Work Less Get Paid More Challenge, We’ll Create Your Roadmap To Growing With Purpose & Integrity

Who Was This

Created For?

Do you feel Stuck where you are in your business and feel desperate for a way to Scale?

This challenge helps Accounting & Tax Professionals dial in on exactly what they need to reduce stress while working fewer hours and increasing their bottom lines by addressing their internal core beliefs about what they’re capable of.

How Do I Embrace

The Process?

From Day 1 to Day 5, Shona Bell will break down every step of her framework and walk you through the process so you can master each piece and accelerate your business growth. So come ready to take action because immersion is the only way to mastery!

What Is The

Final Result?

By the end of this challenge, you will have a better idea of what you need to do to reposition yourself to get the business you desire. This challenge will help you find the belief in yourself, with God’s help, to scale your business so you can live in abundance today and leave a lasting legacy for those you love.

Here’s How The Work Less Get Paid More Challenge Works

Profit with Purpose Virtual Event is LIVE on Facebook
Each Day From 4 PM to 7 PM Pacific (7 PM to 10 PM Eastern)
LIVE Coaching with Israel Duran

Step 1 > Build A Business That Aligns With Your Purpose

First, you’ll learn the keys to scaling a business that aligns with your purpose while still making money. Say goodbye to working long hours that steal time from the things you enjoy!

Step 2 > Approach Sales with A New Mindset

Does sales make your skin crawl? Learn how to approach sales with a leaned-out mindset so you can separate yourself from the outcome and sell your services more confidently.

Step 3 > Turn Obstacles into Opportunity

Squash the limiting belief that you don't have enough experience in your field to make a difference. Shona will show you how to take your biggest obstacles and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Step 4 > Step Out in Confidence

There is no one like YOU. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. Learn how to show up as YOU, and attract the right clients for YOUR business, even when you don't feel confident.

Step 5 > Systematize and Optimize Your Business

Implement the systems you need to optimize your business without extra complications or consuming your time and budget.

Shona Bell

CPA - OWNER - Managing Director of Beyond Accounting & Tax

When corporate America left Shona lacking personal fulfillment, she decided to find a way to work less and get paid more.

She developed proven systems and frameworks that allowed her to elevate her business while still having time for her family and the things she enjoys.

Shona’s frameworks will help you scale your business to heights you have only dreamed of.

At The End Of 5 Days, You’ll Be Able To …

  • Spend more time doing what you love while still building a legacy for your future.

  • Take the stress out of sales and treat prospective clients like you’re having a conversation with a friend who needs your help.

  • Live without regret knowing you are making the most of every blessing God brings your way.

  • Approach prospects and build relationships with confidence so they know YOU are the only Accounting & Tax Professional they want to work with.

  • Make the changes you need so you can impact others who desire to make the same changes in their business.

If YOU Want A Different Result From Your Business, YOU Must Take Different Action. The Work Less Get Paid More Challenge is that Action.

Do you feel like you are stuck in your business? Are you frustrated and want more but just don't know how to get there?

Maybe it seems like the impact and income you desire is beyond your reach, but you just can’t imagine giving up no matter how long it takes.

You have tried EVERYTHING to help your business grow: 

✔️ Searching the web for answers

✔️ Listening to podcast for tips

✔️ Asking friends and family for advice

✔️ Working more hours

✔️ Hiring more help

If any of that describes you, don’t worry. You’re in the right place.

The truth is, if that all worked, you wouldn't still be searching for a way to scale your business without sacrificing your time, family and relationships, and finances.

I can help. This challenge will show you what you can do to move the needle in your business, starting NOW.

You can get information anywhere, but what will actually lead to your transformation is what you DO. The small steps create the shift to BECOME the person you need to become to DO what you want to DO.


These five days are designed to create an environment where you can see the obstacles holding you back from IMPLEMENTATION and help you leave them behind through IMMERSION AND HAND-HOLDING.


It’s not just a 5-day lecture. You will be asked to complete tasks so you can walk away from these 5 days with a clear plan to bring TRANSFORMATION to your Accounting business.

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The 5 Strategies You’ll Learn In This Challenge Help Our Clients Grow Scalable Businesses That Allow Them to Live In Abundance And Leave A Legacy For The Future

Are You Next?


On Days 1-5, We’ll Cover:

Profit with Purpose Virtual Event is LIVE on Facebook
Each Day From 4 PM to 7 PM Pacific (7 PM to 10 PM Eastern)
LIVE Coaching with Israel Duran



3-Day Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group)

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Profit with Purpose Workbook (Value $97)

Discover The Tools To Build and Scale Your Business (Value $97)



3-Day Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group & Zoom)

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Profit with Purpose Workbook (Value $97)

Discover The Tools To Build and Scale Your Business (Value $97)

Private Zoom Access (Value $127)

Additional Training Each Day (Value $197)

Access To Private Q&A (Value $297)



3-Day Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group)

- - - - - - PLUS - - - - - -

Profit with Purpose Workbook (Value $97)

Discover The Tools To Build and Scale Your Business (Value $97)



3-Day Event Access
(Inside Private Facebook Group & Zoom)

- - - - - - PLUS - - - - - -

Profit with Purpose Workbook (Value $97)

Discover The Tools To Build and Scale Your Business Online (Value $97)

Private Zoom Access (Value $127)

Access To Private Q&A (Value $297)

Day 1

Purpose and Time

Monday, April 24th, 7PM ET

We will take a deep dive into what you want your business to look like and who you want to serve. This will help you get clear on your goals so we can start creating a roadmap that will allow you to live aligned with your purpose.

Day 2

High Demand, Low Competition

Tuesday, April 25th, 7PM ET

You will learn how to land more clients with a personal approach to sales that is not sales-y.

You’ll also learn how to build trust and stand out as the most in-demand choice in your market.

Day 3

Turning Apprehension Into Opportunity

Wednesday, April 26th, 7PM ET

Turn your biggest fears into your greatest opportunities. Gain confidence in yourself to take the steps you need to scale your business so you can work less and make more.

Day 4

The Relatability Factor

Thursday, April 27th, 7PM ET

Learn how to confidently tap into what makes you uniquely you and how to take that confidence into your next sales meeting.

Day 5

Putting It All Together

Friday, April 28th, 7PM ET

On Day 5, we’ll put all the pieces in place and show you how they seamlessly work together to help you scale your business while giving you back your time to build a life you love.

Here’s Everything That’s Included:

5-Day Live Work Less Get Paid More Challenge

This challenge will show you how to reposition your time and beliefs so that with God’s help, you can scale your businesses, live in abundance today, and leave a lasting legacy for the future.

$1,997 Value

Exclusive Facebook Group

Members of this challenge will have access to the exclusive Facebook™ community, where you can connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals who strive for scalability in their businesses.


Shona’s Simple Sales Script

This simple sales script is a step by step confidence booster that will help you relate to your clients and close deals without feeling sales-y.

$997 Value

BONUS: Tech Stack For Success

Are you tired of wading through the overwhelming amount of software and subscriptions available in the marketplace? Stop the guessing. The Tech Stack For Success lays out the affordable, proven tech you need to structure and scale a high level Accounting & Tax Professional firm.

$997 Value

PLUS VIPs Also Get These Valuable Bonuses Worth $2,791!

(VIP ONLY) Challenge Sessions Recordings

Have to miss a day, or want to rewatch content from your favorite session? Your VIP ticket includes access to all session recordings throughout the event and for three days following.

$997 Value

(VIP ONLY) Daily Q&A Bonus Session

Ask your questions and get the answers you need in this DAILY question-and-answer session with Shona Bell. Only available to VIP members.

$1,497 Value

(VIP ONLY) Buy One Ticket, Get One FREE

Double the value you get from this challenge with a two-for-one offer. That’s right, when you register for the challenge with a VIP Experience ticket now, we’ll include an extra VIP Experience ticket for FREE! That means you can invite your spouse or business partner at no extra charge.

$297 Value

Here’s Everything At-A-Glance

5-Day Live Work Less Get Paid More Challenge

$1,997 Value

Exclusive Facebook Community Access


Shona’s Simple Sales Script

$997 Value

Tech Stack For Success

$997 Value

(VIP ONLY) Challenge Session Recordings

$997 Value

(VIP ONLY) Daily Q&A Bonus Session

$1,497 Value

(VIP ONLY) Buy One Ticket, Get One FREE!

$297 Value

Total Ticket Value Up To $6782

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A Personal Message From Shona Bell

Profit with Purpose Virtual Event is LIVE on Facebook
Each Day From 4 PM to 7 PM Pacific (7 PM to 10 PM Eastern)
LIVE Coaching with Israel Duran

Give Me Just 5 Days

Your business and your life will not be the same.

If you are an accountant or tax professional who wants to grow and scale your business, the Work Less Get Paid More Challenge is for YOU.

I will teach you the same principles I used to grow and scale my business into the successful empire it is today, all while having the time freedom to be home with my family.

Push your doubts aside and come with an open mind, ready to receive the gifts I will share with you. You CAN create a business that allows you to live the life you deserve without the stress of the business weighing you down.

I discovered a proven 3-step process that allows me to live a fulfilled, purpose-driven life, free from the constraints and stress of the corporate world.

LET ME HELP YOU unlock the secret and start living your dream today.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It …

Profit with Purpose Virtual Event is LIVE on Facebook
Each Day From 4 PM to 7 PM Pacific (7 PM to 10 PM Eastern)
LIVE Coaching with Israel Duran

Here’s What Others Have To Say About Shona Bell


I worked with Shona on a client project back in 2013. Back then I was a staff and she was my senior. Her interpersonal skills and ability to think high level / globally were very impressive. She demonstrated on the job the art of making professional and genuine connections with key stakeholders on the client side, while being honest and outspoken about our recommendations and the long term benefits to the organization. It was a pleasure working with Shona and I hope our career paths cross again in the future.

Xiao Wei

Couple Relationship Health Check

Thank you Shona for the exceptional work you did with our Form990ez. You demonstrated remarkable professional skills with the deliverables. I discovered a woman of impeccable character. A person who listens and pays attention to clients' needs. She set the time and met the deadline. As a result, we were able to submit our form to the IRS on time. And oh; the fees! Yes, the fees were very reasonable and affordable to us. We will definitely come back for more of your services.

Jacqueline T. Audige

President/CEO at Lighthouse Center for Therapy & Play

I hired Shona to help me with financials because my books were a mess! She's done a phenomenal job of getting them together and me back on track! She's very supportive and encouraging, especially because this is not the part of my business I want to focus on. She's given me the freedom to know that my finances are well taken care of and I can focus on the part of the business I love!

Mimi Ryans

Management professional in the nonprofit sector and to C-suite executives

Shona advised us at Every Child Fed regarding GAAP and was a tremendous asset to this small nonprofit. She was professional and patient as we explained our processes and bookkeeping and helped us determine the best way to post and report some complicated transactions. The things she wasn't certain about, she researched and reported back to us later. I would definitely hire her again to help us with any nonprofit accounting needs.

Karen Montgomery, PMP

Management professional in the nonprofit sector and to C-suite executives

Supervisory Program Analyst at US Dept of Defense

Ms. Bell is a true professional with a work ethic unparalleled. She is highly intelligent but what makes her stand out is her ability to relate, communicate, and connect to people at all levels and positions. She is a natural leader who easily elevates those around her. Ms. Bell rose to success quickly because of her drive, motivation and determination to always provide top notch service. She is a strategic thinker so she can quickly assess risk, impact, and outcome under her advisement. She stays true to her core values that keep her grounded and steady. She stays calm under pressure always using a level head. These are absolute key traits needed in business. I know there is not a single challenge she is not ready for. So with that, I highly recommend Ms. Bell professionally.

Shavonne Smith

Social Change Agent, Nonprofit and Philanthropy Leader

Shona has been the financial officer of Women Giving Back, a nonprofit in Sterling Virginia for several years now. I am also on the executive committee of the Board. I have watched as Shona has taken the organization to a much more structured financial program where we are clear on how all of our expenses and income is recorded and categorized. She has strategically made adjustments where necessary and financially beneficial. She is open with her work, can explain things in common language. I would want Shona on any Board I am a part of as the financial leader.

Cyndi Shanahan

Social Change Agent, Nonprofit and Philanthropy Leader

Best Selling Author, Non-Profit Founder/ CEO, Speaker & Certified KBA Strategy Coach

Our team enjoys working with Shona Bell. She answers our questions, makes suggestions and helped us smoothly transition from one platform onto another within 30 days. Her style is direct yet conversational to aid your organization in achieving its financial goals. We highly recommend her services.

Michele R. Jones

Principal at CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shona for over 4 years and share in her enjoyment of working with nonprofit organizations. Shona is a strong, personable CPA who thoroughly enjoys working with nonprofit Organizations while helping them move forward in their mission. She brings excitement to any technical matter and helps to make accounting fun!

Laura Vansuch, CPA, MBA

Talent Acquisition Manager at Nestlé

I’ve known Shona Bell for many years. She is an exceptional CPA and businesswoman. Shona is a forward thinker. She consistently demonstrates her leadership skills and financial acumen. Her ability to customize growth strategies for each of her clients is impressive. Shona’s warm personality, dedication and professionalism is inspiring. I look forward to working with Mrs. Bell again in the future!

Tiesha R.



Who Is This Challenge For?

This event is for CPAs who want to build a scalable tax accounting business that allows them to live a life of purpose without compromising their faith or sacrificing time with loved ones.

Will This Be Live?

Yes, 100% LIVE and ONLINE. I can't wait to be with you for this real and exciting event! The best part is, you don't need to leave your home or office.

Where Is The Challenge Held?

This is a virtual online event that is conducted inside the private Facebook™ Community and Zoom (for VIPs). Members also get access to a private dashboard where all the bonuses and resources are stored. The Zoom link and dashboard access will be delivered via email.

What Will I Gain From This?

No matter what level you are right now, there’s always another level of growth. I guarantee you will experience growth if you implement just 5 percent of what you will learn in this transformational Work Less Get Paid More Challenge. If not, you can forget about me and my brand.

My mission is to help you build a roadmap to growing your business using my TSP system so you can scale your business WITHOUT sacrificing time with your family, your faith, or financial freedom.

This event will be delivered in bite-sized chunks so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. I’m reducing the big task of scaling your business down to a step-by-step process so you can take consistent action to profit with purpose.

Can I Bring My Business Partner Or Spouse With Me?

Yes, 100%! In fact, when for every General Admission or VIP Experience ticket you purchase, we’ll give you one of the same for FREE!

When Is The Challenge?

The 5-day event begins on Monday, April 24th, and starts 6:00 PM ET for VIP sessions and 7:00 PM EST for General Admission. You can expect each day to end at approximately around 8pm. There is so much I want to give to you, so end time is subject to change.

If you live in a different time zone, please use the world clock converter to convert the times into your time zone. Click here to go to the world clock converter. (clock converter)

Why Is This A PAID Challenge?

I want to add massive value for CPAs who want to build a dream business, and I have learned that those that invest in themselves take action and get results.

I also know that a certain percentage of people who receive this life changing training, will want me to potentially support them as a mentor, coach, or consultant to accelerate their learning curve in areas of business and to make it more profitable.

Rather than trying to convince you of how great working with me would be, I decided we would just demonstrate how we can help you by ACTUALLY helping you for a small investment in this Work Less Get Paid Challenge.

Should I Get A VIP Experience Ticket?

The content of the 5-day challenge is amazing and will get you results, no matter which ticket you buy. But if you want the challenge session recordings and extra access to Shona Bell’s Live daily Q&A sessions, then the VIP Experience is definitely the way to go. You also get access to the challenge training replays for life.

Secure Your Work Less Get Paid More Challenge

Ticket And Get Ready To Scale Your Business,

and Live the Life of Your Dreams!

Total Ticket Value Up To $6782

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